Mixed-use neighborhood of 400 social apartments, industries and schools in Anderlecht
Shortlisted competition, First prize – Ongoing project
Collaborators : AHA, noA architecten, Sergison Bates architects, Korteknie Stuhlmacher architecten, Boom Landscape, Detang Engineering, Group D, Antea Group, Daidalos Peutz, Codives 
For : SLRB, city dev
Size : 74.000 m2
Budget : 100.000.000€

The historical mixed aspect of Anderlecht neighbourhood with its mid-sized industries adjacent to social places has been a strong inspiration for the project. The project Citygate II / Petite Ile is one of the first steps towards the re-development of the area. It is developing from an industrial and commercial area to a productive city. Its varied program consisting of housing, workshops and two schools, guarantees true diversity throughout the neighbourhood. The proposal for the 74,000m² mixed-use regeneration scheme is to develop the site with a strong and palpable identity to make a unique urban place with a special atmosphere. The ‘assembled-city’is a destination, where workers, school kids and inhabitants meet. The space between buildings is as important as the buildings themselves, contributing both to the feeling of a positively charged urban environment. This strategy 
accommodates various scales, mixed programmes and existing buildings which share a common ground. Different typological forms are proposed to form the ‘assembled city’. Sentinels, pitched sheds, mansion blocks and gateway buildings create a conglomerate of buildings that together represent this mixed-use community in which working, living and learning sit side by side.