Refurbishment of a farm into a communal facility for local producers in Anderlecht
Shortlisted competition in 2018
Collaborators : AHA, Plant en Houtgoed Landscape, Util
For : IBGE - Bruxelles Environnement
Size : 1.400m2
Budget : 1.500.000 €

Despite the industrialization of the 19th century, Anderlecht’s southern lands have always continued to be cultivated creating nowadaysa rural and peri-urban character. This context reinforces an ambition of the project to open up ontoits landscape. It has a great potential for the creation of new forms of innovative and environmental agriculture. The project reinvests the historic buildings (the farm, the stables) to activate the inherited fabric, a landmark in the neighbourhood. The dominant position of the farm on the ‘chaudron’ street, is key for the most public part of the program (the restaurant, foodhall and bakery). In dialogue with the site, a new architectural element is created: the ‘Halle’ . It brings a new identity, a renewed image of the farm focused on an agricultural transition. This new volume functions as a link between the farming lands, the pond and the public farm, in which the vegetables are transformed and stored. The original house turns itself inward, with a new glazed side façade toward the courtyard, becoming the administrative pole. These 3 entities have been placed in synergy throughout the site as free-standing equal volumes, allowing a continuous and porous vegetation to spread between them. It also reinforces the spirit of the project based on a horizontal and collective organization.