Family house,workshop and gallery in Bruton, Uk
Private commission – Planning application in 2017
Collaborators : AHA
For :Private client
Size : 450m2
Budget : £500.000

The project sets its context in a close relationship to Burrowfield House, an existing country house originally surrounded by a garden on a beautiful estate within the Somerset open farmland, nowadayspart of a denser fabric with residential housing. The new residence will preserve its original domestic dependency, while assuming its dominant presence in a more urban context. The open existing spatial organisation of the land, even in its vacant state highlights the qualities of the gardens with a clear formal plan, and defines a diverse set of spaces. Our project for the new development amplifies this impression so that the presence of existing walls, the sloped ground and the magnificent trees are the beginning of a rich and complex network into which the buildings take part. The plan enhances the buildings ambiguous relationship, which are part of an ensemble while being separate entities. The project is perceived as a dependency of the former Burrowfield estate and the new office and workshop within the project are further dependencies of the new house interacting with each other in the similar way a country house would interact with a drive’s lodge, a potting shed or a gardener’s cottage. The new proposal feels a need to also distance itself from its context by orientating the view and visual connection towards the inner courtyards. Each courtyard relates to the function of the buildings they connect: the herb garden between the house and the office relates to the kitchen, the flower garden in the central courtyard gives access to the three buildings through the covered passage. The gardens are seen as a continuation of the different buildings.