Student housing and coworking in Brussels
Shortlisted competition, 1st Prize - Ongoing project
With : V+, AHA, Antoine Espinasseau, Util, Cenergie
For : Private client
Size : 860 m2
Budget : 1.200.000 €

Opposite the Bed and Breakfast ‘Druum’, the new student residence K-DRUUM will take place. This project, part of thepilot program ‘Students making the city’ initiated by the Flemish culture and youth minister, theBrik institution, and both theVlaams and Brussels bouwmeesters, is an opportunity to think about the reciprocal interaction between student and neighbourhood. The project mixing a polyvalent space on the ground floor, 20 bedrooms and co-working spaces, has an ambition to create synergies between professional, cultural and student lives, and opening this diversity to the public.The project offers the quality of a single-family house, modest and intimate, while being porous on its ground floor to provide a public facility open to the city. From thisnarrow triangular plot, we underline the orientation of its boundaries by reproducing it in our building. The two axes meet in their centre creating a sculptural core, encountering with its curves the various rooms. Connecting at its top floor the common space, the core opens up, offering to the students the contemplation of the city. Within the plot, the small and anecdotal chapel of ‘Notre Dame du Sommeil’ is the last witness of this folkloric neighbourhood named ‘the devil’s corner’. The people suffering from insomnia came here to find some peace, an ideal spot for a student residence! We wish to instil this strangeness within the project through a work of art which runs through the entire building. The proposal to create a series of doors as art pieces, with the reincarnation of the chapel to generate ambiguous interactions between the rooms is designed by the artist Antoine Espinasseau.