Urban winery, restaurant, winebar in Brussels
Shortlisted competition 
Collaborators : Majma, Delphine Roque, Util, Cenergie
For : Gudule Winery
Size : 1.000 m2
Budget : 1.100.000 €

In the large valley of Tour and Taxis, existing industrial buildings and productive activities sit alongside Brussels institutions in the open landscape left by the former railway tracks. At the heart of this new developing neighborhood, the former sorting-station is kept to house a winery. This new site has the ambition to be botha productive and social place around wine. The program has been spread in 3 buildings to create a central garden that ensures the transition between the old station and the future park. The vitrine of the winery, the existing sorting-station, houses the restaurant and the winebar. The production space with the stainless steel tanks and oak barrels is housed in a new building.  This is the opportunity to develop an architectonic closely adapted to the temperature needed for the wine production. A basement is created to store the wine in barrels during the wine-making process using the thermal mass of the ground. The upper volume, built in timber structure and hempcrete with coloured render offers an appropriate environment for the wine tanks. The new building responds to the scale of the existing station in a mimetic volume with a new materiality. At the heart of the project, the educational garden is composed of a succession of brick walls, on which grapevinesare growing. It reconnects the urban winery with the essence of the wine: the grapes and theirevolution with the seasons, in relation to the place it grows and the climate of Brussels. This technique inspired by Clos Cristal in the region of Saumur, generates a microclimate within the clos to allow the cultivation of grapes in a less favourable climate, and thus offer a complete educational transmission of the wine making. The square set opposite the brewery of La Senne, and next to the future restaurant of the station allows the interaction of the two programs around a place of conviviality. Two greenhouses placed in the frame of the walled garden house a place of reception, to suggest a singular experience to the Gudule Winery.